Our Studio

Capturing Forever Photography is boutique photography studio that specializes in Newborn Portraiture. We are a husband and wife team with over 16 years of professional experience. While our studio is adept at shooting maternity, children and families, we are the perfect accommodation  for those special little bundles of joy. Our shooting area layout allows us to move efficiently between the most sought after newborn setups. We have dozens of baskets and buckets, with countless props, to always allow for a custom look. Our rainbow of wraps and blankets can match most any room in your house or look you hope to achieve. And we can create amazing looks incorporating any decor, prop, or outfit that you provide. Parents can watch as we work with their little ones or sit back and relax in our waiting area, which includes a TV and toy box to help entertain any siblings. From the available changing table, to wipes and bottle warmers, to a rocking chair, boppy and cover-up, we strive to give our moms and dads an inviting and comfortable environment.

Beginning Jan. 2017 Capturing Forever will be specializing in Wedding Photography as well. Not to take anything away from our studio work, Kayla Aenchbacher will be joining our team as our Lead Wedding Photographer. Kayla is an established wedding photographer with over 8 years in the industry. Her work is bar none and her style compliments our own perfectly. We are very excited for her to be working with us.


Our Us

Capturing Forever is a physical manifistation of Nathan and Melissa’s quest to conquer forever. Nathan and Melissa met while working at the same photography studio in 2012. With over 12 years of photography experience between them it was a natural fit that they would continue to shoot together as they formed a relationship outside of work. As they saw God’s plan working in their love and their livelihood, they decided to conquer forever. To let go of everything, trust in God, and have faith that they were in the exact spot in life that they were supposed to be in. Their leap lead them to shoot a handful of newborns. With Melissa’s extensive experience in this area and Nathan’s previous work with child photography, their vision quickly took it’s own form and it was clear that they should strive to make Capturing Forever the premiere studio for newborn and child photography in the metro Atlanta area. Their focus on maternity, newborns, and children brought them referral after referral and within a few months Capturing Forever began to grow making their biggest dreams come true.

Beyond trying to offer the highest quality images, Nathan and Melissa make every shoot an experience. You are not just there getting pictures. You are welcomed into their home and invited into their family. And while you’re there, they work to capture the images, you will cherish forever.

Nathan Padgett – From a child messing with the settings on his Father’s SLR just to see the results to an art student building and lighting sets for stop motion animation, a camera has never been far from reach for Nathan. Knowing he would always be in the arts, Nathan obtained a BFA in Graphic Design. Setting out to work as a designer for a production company, Nathan soon found himself accomplishing his required tasks with a camera in hand. The more he needed to shoot to get what he needed, the more he wanted to be shooting. As the production he was currently working on wound down, he took a part time job as a photo retoucher with a high volume photography studio and within weeks, was working towards becoming one of their photographers. Being mentored by photographers with 20+, 30+, 40+ years of professional work, Nathan quickly learned the ins and outs of studio, natural light, and flash photography. Over the next few years Nathan would shoot a multitude of clients in all types of portrait sessions and began specializing in working with children and High School Seniors. As he continued perfecting his craft he desired to create a photography company of his own. It was at this point that a past co-worker would be re-introduced to him and he would be given the chance to find out that she was beyond the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful, kind hearted woman he could have ever imagined. She just also happened to be a photo editor and photographer herself, with ambitions of her own business. (he fell in love on their first date)

Melissa Padgett – Melissa’s love for newborns started when she was a little girl. When there was a baby in the room Melissa was close by. As a teenager, she knew she wanted to work with newborns. At the time she thought it would be in the medical field but God had even greater plan. After graduating High School in Paulding County Melissa found herself falling deeply in love with a Newborn of her own. At that moment Melissa understood how fleeting time is and how quickly that tiny newborn grows into a child. She learned first hand the value of photographs and capturing a moment forever. Melissa spent the next 5 years learning everything she could about photography, editing, and running a successful studio. She quickly found she was extremely draw to newborn photography. She poured herself into learning posing, safety, soothing, and the over all atmosphere for a successful newborn session. Melissa studied under some elite Newborn Photographers soaking up every bit of information and knowledge they were willing to share with her. After the birth of her second child she began working at a local studio. Melissa’s home life was changing along with her confidence in herself and profession. On a HOT summer day in July Melissa’s world would forever be changed. She had assisted Nathan before but that day was different. Something in Melissa’s heart knew she’d be forever assisting this man. As their Love for each other grew so did their dreams. Where Melissa was weak Nathan was strong and encouraging. It didn’t take long for the pair to realized not only would they be sharing their lives together but also their dream.